In my quest to restore the New Testament Church I have been moving along these older paths:

Jesus is already upon his throne, a spiritual one, and is already ruling his Kingdom:  The Church!

Home churches were the original New Testament format and therefore the template of the New Testament Church.

That the apostles taught some spiritual gifts were only for a short time and only to establish the New Testament Church.

Baptism by immersion is a necessary part of the salvation experience and needs to be re-implemented into conversions.

The restoration of Elderships and the training up of Elders, not just Preachers.  Essentially to rid the church of the one bishop or “Pastor System” and bring back the informed plurality of Elders.

To quit putting the hopes of the church into new buildings and expensive Bible College educations.

That Genesis teaches a 6 day Creation, and we should as Luther observed, argue why God took so long, instead of contending that He must of took much longer.