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This contains the most asked doctrinal questions I get (or should get) in the interview process.  There are no verses listed as this is concerned with interpretation, not proof texting.  When I read what the Bible says on these topics, this is where I land, topic per topic.  
​​The Trinity
The term trinity is not a Bible word, but rather, a theological concept.  The KJV and NKJV use the term GodHead and this seemed like a good Bible name for the Triune God.  Unfortunately, modern translations don't use this term and just speak of divinity.  
The Trinity is one God revealed in three persons.  Each independent in thought but sharing the same divine attributes: eternal existence, omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence.  Jesus has two natures, one physical and the other divine.  Jesus is obedient to the Father, due to his begotten eternal existence, yet fully God with total authority as Firstborn over all creation.  The Holy Spirit proceeds both from the Father and the Son. 

The leaders of the church who will be held accountable for the church on judgement day.  They should be over 40, at least, married, and be leaders of their homes.  Known also as bishops & overseers.  They are the pastors of the church and are the primary teachers.  They should always be in a group and no church should have just one elder.

Deacons are servants that have similar qualifications to elders.  They are over specific ministries in the church and will probably become elders someday.  Even so, they are not junior elders, should not be voting equally with elders, and should report to the elders like the preacher would.

Biblically known as an evangelist, the one who is responsible for exhorting the church and evangelism.  He could become an elder over time but should not be hired as one, as elders are given their office by reputation.  If a preacher becomes an elder, it is preferable to call all the elders/bishop/pastors by the same title to not imply one is over the others.  Surprising, many of churches in our brotherhood seek to higher a "pastor" today and find my position strange, yet mine was considered the Biblical position a couple generations ago.  The Pastor concept seems to have been imported from the Baptist at some point in the past and has stuck.
Marriage is only between a man and woman.  Male and Female are defined at birth, which corresponds to their genitalia (unless there is a birth defect).  Gender is not malleable, nor can it be changed on a whim.  You are born one gender or the other.  Gender Dysphoria is a mental disorder, not a problem of biology.  
It is a sin and an abomination before God.  Those who condone the activity are bound to hell.
The murder of an unborn child, in the womb of the mother. 
Critical Race Theory
CRT is founded on Marxist tenets and should not be celebrated, taught, or entertained in the church.   It is pure racism and hate that instills false guilt and divides the church by colors of skin.

Women's Role in the Church
Women do not make the final decisions or teach the men.  Therefore, women should not be elders or the preacher.

The Biblical position is that alcohol is permissible in a medicinal way in dealing with life's stresses and killing germs, but its abuse is very dangerous.  Alcohol is not for "priest and kings" meaning if you are a decision maker, alcohol will make clear thinking difficult.  Taking all the verses in context, alcohol is okay in moderation, at least in Bible times, but today's alcohol is so potent it is recommended one not drink anymore.   

The time and place of salvation.  No power in the water, but power in obedience to the divine command to have your sins washed away.  Baptism is not a work.  Exceptions should be exceptional and not an excuse to not be baptized if one possibly could.

​The New Testament church did not use instruments and we should take this seriously.  This harkens back to a simpler time as music has become very showy in modern services.  I recommend as simple a service as a modern congregation can retreat too!

I reject Calvinism, based upon their false assertion accepting Christ violates God's sovereignty.  The accompanying doctrines of once saved always saved, total depravity, unconditional election, limited atonement, and irresistible grace are rejected as well.  We are to choose Christ and not wait on a sign of being one of the elect to know if we are saved.  We are saved when we respond and obey the gospel. 

End Times & Revelation
​Jesus is coming back, the dead in Christ will rise first, everyone is gathered for a judgement and the sheep go to heaven and the goats go to hell that punishes eternally.  I reject Dispensational Pre-milliennialism as obviously false.  I am semi-preterist in my eschatology, amilliennial by default. 

6 24 hour days.  Dinosaurs on the ark.  Worldwide flood that covered all the mountains. ​ Earth thousands of years old.

Apostolic Gifts (tongues, prophecies) 
​No longer accessible to Christians, as the Apostles died 2000 years ago and only they could pass these gifts on by the laying on their hands.  ​